Pottery, mustache shaving, and a wedding :)

I’m not too hip with this blogging thing. I always seem to want to blog right before I have to go somewhere. So if this seems rushed, it’s cause it is haha .  But the past few weeks were great. I just graduated online school in Aug. *wiggles butt and does the running man*, and my grad party was held in the last part of Aug. I D.I.Y.ed a photo booth with props and had my future “sis.in law” take the pics.


Me and Tyler


But one of the girls I grew up with gave her gift to me this weekend as a surprise and it was AWEsome! We went to this really cool pottery place where you can make your own glass art, paint already made ceramics, and I think you can even make your own little ceramic clay figurines. I should’ve taken some pics to keep for myself, but I’m still getting a hang of trying to remember to take pictures for memories sake. I will post a pic of the funky mug I painted next week when it’s all glazed and baked and pretty. Anyways, that was super cool…but you know what might be cooler?: Mustache shaving. I got to help Tyler shave his stache a couple of weeks ago and he instantly looked younger and different.  See?! :

I caught ‘im while he was sipping his coffee..

 It took a while for the spot where his mustache used to be to tan up, so he was walking around with a milk-looking stache for a while lol, but its good now :).Planning for the wedding is going good. I’m supposed to be going to a local bridal show in a couple of weeks so maybe I can find some deals! Everything is so expensive, and especially when it comes to weddings! Our goal is to make it as nice and as simple as possible. We both aren’t fussy or extravagant people, and we certainly don’t wanna go in debt over one day. I think our (tight) budget is certainly possible to work with. I already know that I will diy tons of stuff but some things like photography we’ll obviously will have to hire someone for, or find someone that will do it for cheaper/free. But we’ll see how everything goes. I’ll be using this blog to post tutorials for all the DIY stuff that I do for the wedding and document my sewing adventures, and I’ll have updates for anyone that wants to learn more about us as a couple or see how the planning is going.

Until next time,



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